About us

GYG Minerals USA is an earth materials exporter from Iceland, specialising in pebble aggregate for various uses, such as swimming pool cladding, stone carpet, wall cladding, shotcrete, concrete, sandblasting and more. This unique material has been created over thousands of years. Basaltic rock produced by Iceland’s volcanic activity is carried under immense pressure by the glacier river Hornafjarðarfljót from the Vatnajökull glacier into the sea, where the waves tumble the material and bring it back to shore on sand and gravel rib. The material is primarily dark-coloured and extremely hard. Pebbles are rounded, ranging in diameters from 1mm to 40mm, with surfaces that are polished and glass-like.

The main source of materials is the Stokksnes beach mine, a 10 km long, 1 km wide, sand and gravel rib in the Hornafjörður inlet on the East coast of Iceland. The Stokksnes mine is sustainable and environmentally friendly, since the river and the sea constantly replenishes the material into the mine. We do not have to open a quarry, blast a rock or break it in smaller sizes with appliance with waste and energy. It is simply taken on the shore in an amount so that does not affect the environment, its appearance or the ecosystem. Materials have CE certification for factory production control. The company also offers perlite which is rhyolite that has been heated up to 1000°C. During that process the material expands a lot and becomes very light in density . Perlite is used in light cement, insulation, growing of crops, for filtration of f.ex. beer and many other things. Perlite is considered to be very environmentally friendly product.